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If you want to order platters for the party, we need at least 24-hour notice in advance.

We can customize your order if you have special requirements. Please let us know how we can help you.


Party Specials

Buy 13 small pizza 7″ and get 13 ice cream free

Buy 2 extra-large pizza 16″ and get one bottle 2liter pop free

Buy 13 hot dogs and get 13 bags of chips free

Buy 14 mini hotdogs and get a large bag of chips free

Veggie Platter 10″ small $18.00

Veggie Platter 12″ large $23.00

Fruit Platter 10″ small $20.00

Fruit Platter 12″ large $25.00

Pizza 7″ Cheese, Pepperoni or Deluxe $6.00

Pizza 16″(X-large) Cheese, Hawaiian $18.00

Pizza 16″ (X-Large) Pepperoni, Deluxe, Vegetarian $20.00

Chicken nuggets $0.50/pc

Halal chicken nuggets $0.75/pc

Chicken wings $1.00/pc

Halal chicken wings $1.25/pc

Halal chicken burger $4.00/pc

Mini hot dog $2.00/pc

Hot dog $2.50/pc

Mac and cheese wedges $0.75/pc

Wrap sandwich at your choice $1.75/person

Gluten free wrap at your choice $2.25/person

Panini grill at your choice $1.75/person

Gluten free panini grill at your choice $2.00/person

Cold sandwich at your choice $1.75/person

Gluten free sandwich at your choice $2.00/person

Pop(2 liter) $4.50

Apple Juice (Jug) $9.00