If you want to order platters for the party, we need at least 24-hour notice in advance.

We can customize your order if you have special requirements. Please let us know how we can help you.



Veggie Platter 10″ small $20.00

Veggie Platter 12″ large $30.00

Fruit Platter 10″ small $25.00

Fruit Platter 12″ large $35.00

Pizza 7″ Cheese or Pepperoni  $7.00

Pizza 16″(X-large) Cheese   $22.00

Pizza 16″ (X-Large) Pepperoni, Vegetarian $24.00

Gluten Free Cheese Pizza 12″ (Medium)  $15

Chicken nuggets $1.00/pc

Halal chicken nuggets $1.50/pc

Mac and cheese wedges $1.50/pc


Pop(2 liter) $4.50