About Magic Space

Magic Space is an Indoor Playground where  your child(ren) can get a good work out and parents can come in to relax and socialize with friends while your children play.

Our open-concept space approximately 5,100 square feet that includes:

  • The Play Gym (suitable for children 2+)
  • Inflatables
  • Toddler Play Area and Toys
  • Magic Space Café
  • Baby-Friendly (highchairs, bouncers, jolly jumpers)
  • Table Area (with a great view so you can see your child at all times)
  • This playground is recommended for kids up to six years old.

Magic Space Café

  • Fast Food Style Foods (baked NOT fried)
  • Beverages (Coffee, Tea, Pop, Water and Juice Boxes)
  • Other popular snacks